We aim to provide you with all the vitamins, minerals and supplements you need to achieve a personal, balanced diet.



Personalised dietary and supplement advice.



High quality manufacturing standards to give you greater peace of mind.



Professional nutritionists who know the health food industry and market.



All brands examined to meet EU pharmaceutical guidelines.



Competitive like for like prices and special offers.

Good nutrition, coupled with the right intake of vitamins, helps you maintain your health and wellbeing and can prevent illness.

Research suggests 1 in 3 people now regularly purchase vitamins and supplements to boost the immune system and help live a healthy lifestyle.

According to the World Health Organisation, life expectancy levels have seen dramatic gains, especially in westernised countries, since 2000.

Trusted vitamin products and dietary advice from a dedicated team

Our aim is to take greater care of you and your loved ones. We give you the confidence to purchase your vitamins online with ease. We give you access to the best and most reputable brands and suppliers.  All our products are certified for top notch quality and approved and we will never push brands based on profit – we sell only what we believe in.  That means keeping you and your family healthy is simple and easy!

We understand that you are an individual and therefore have a dedicated and highly qualified team of nutrition experts to guide you and help you make an informed choice on what vitamins to take. Our qualified team is at the forefront of current nutrition research. They can also help you take preventative measures to help avoid long-term health issues.

Approved Vitamins only offers products which have been certified or approved as the best on the market.  It means you get a simplified, informed choice and you know exactly what you’re taking.

At Approved Vitamins, we’re committed to your ongoing wellbeing and ensuring you achieve a balanced diet.
We do this by offering you a personalised and holistic approach to your health.  Our high quality vitamins and supplements are designed to improve your wellbeing, prevent illness and boost your immune system.  Above all, we care about you and your family’s health.

We’re on a mission to help you stay healthy with a simplified choice of high quality vitamins and supplements.
We give you the confidence of knowing that when you purchase vitamins online, our products are approved and certified to Halal, Kosher and Vegetarian/Vegan? standards.  They are also backed by a team of nutrition experts.

We value your wellbeing, with a simple and honest process.  That includes complete transparency with our ingredients and open communication with our customers.
We only sell products which we 100% believe in.  We pride ourselves on great customer service and a personal touch, giving you access to qualified nutritionists for consultation or to quickly answer your questions.

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