The Surprising Effects of Vitamin D
December 21, 2017 Simon Kornbluth

We recently wrote about how taking Vitamin D supplements can help get you through those tough Winter months with a higher Vitamin D intake helping to boost your immune system during the seasons in which we are exposed to little natural sunlight.

There are, however, new studies that suggest a boost of Vitamin D could have other positive effects ranging from helping to aid the healing of burns to the treatment of autism during pregnancy.

Links with preventing autism in pregnancy.

A new Australian study has found a link between pregnant women with Vitamin D deficiency and the increased likelihood of having a child with autism.

Vitamin D is often recommended to women throughout pregnancy in order to help keep their immune system at its healthiest with the Scottish government even offering free Vitamin D supplements to pregnant women to decrease the risk of diseases caused by Vitamin D deficiency; a common deficiency in Scotland due to the lack of sunlight residents are exposed to in comparison to warmer countries.


It is well known that Vitamin D helps to boost the immune system which consequently allows the body to heal wounds at a fast rate. A study by the Society for Endocrinology has found that patients with severe burns recover at a quicker and more successful rate when they are exposed to higher levels of Vitamin D than those who have lower Vitamin D levels. Those suffering with severe burns are at a high risk of infection which could lead to even more serious injuries and diseases; Vitamin D has antibacterial elements to help reduce the risk of infection and aid the healing process.

The study is the first of its kind and though burn care has improved over the years the recovery success rate is still not as high as it could be. This breakthrough study could mean that a simple and economic treatment for the healing of severe burns is near to being realised.


A London study has also found that taking Vitamin D supplements alongside prescribed asthma medication could reduce the risk of severe asthma attacks by as much as 50%. Asthma affects over 300 millions people worldwide and contributes to up to 400,000 deaths annually whereby sufferers have episodes in which their symptoms worsen until fatal. Vitamin D is thought to aid against the more severe attacks through boosting the immune system and its response to respiratory viruses.

For more information about the benefits of taking a Vitamin D supplement book a consultation with one of our qualified nutritionists or browse our wide range of Vitamin D products.






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