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    How you can beat the Winter blues with Vitamin D

    With the days getting shorter and colder we can often find ourselves feeling down in the Winter months. Seasonal Affective Disorder comes from the idea that the brain functions differently throughout the various seasons of the year due to several factors including how much natural sunlight we’re exposed to.

    Having such little sunlight can leave you feeling more exhausted and consequently less productive and happy in the Winter months than you might during the Summer months where the days are generally longer and brighter.

    There is, however, an easy way of combating this common problem. The answer lies within certain supplements that will boost your intake of Vitamin D, essential for immunity during the season of flus and bugs as well as for healthy bones.

    It is recommended by Public Health England that we should all be taking Vitamin D supplements to fight against common Winter illness; particularly when so many of us see so little sunlight in the Winter. Without Vitamin D we not only increase the possibility of suffering through Winter illness but we can even become more tired, unmotivated and unable to concentrate and function properly.

    Of course there are plenty of foods that contain Vitamin D, particularly fish, including cod, salmon, mackerel, tuna and sardines. Also high in Vitamin D are red meats, milk, eggs and mushrooms. It is recommended that we include foods high in Vitamin D in our diet around this time of year.

    To protect yourself fully in the Winter months it is recommended that you boost your Vitamin D intake with supplements.

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