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    Hifas da Terra: Medicinal Mushrooms

    About Hifas da Terra

    Hifas da Terra (HdT) is the leading multinational biotech company in the development of medicinal mushroom-based products for human health. Our expertise is based on more than 20 years of experience researching and studying medicinal mushrooms' clinical applications. We use biotechnology, innovation and ecology to develop products and improve health and well-being worldwide. We are committed to Research and Development (R&D) and allocate 62% of our profits to R&D (currently more than 15 active human studies), including clinical trials, mainly in gastroenterology, oncology, immunology, the musculoskeletal system, mental-emotional health and women's health.

    Hifas da Terra Ranges

    Hifas products can be categorised into the following groups according to their concentration - 

    Products made from whole mycological powder: Bio line,  Kids Syrups, and Superfoods

    Products made from a combination of whole mycological powder and concentrated extracts: Cordy-Sin Sport

    Extract lines: Micosalud Range and Mico-Onco Care

    Bio Line

    The Bio line consents of 2 products which are made from whole mycological powder. The products are Bio-Defense and Bio-Intestin which are organic superfoods free of gluten, preservatives, chemicals, sweeteners, flavourings, starch, wheat, corn, nuts, soy, sugar, or dairy.

    • Non-GMO ingredients
    • Vegetable capsules: 100 % organic mushroom powder
    • Suitable for vegans, vegetarians, lactose intolerance and celiacs
    • GMP certificate of excellence: pharmaceutical quality standard


    • ßio-Defense is a combination of medicinal mushrooms that work synergistically to boost defences. Containing 5 species of medicinal mushrooms with the most scientific evidence to benefit the immune system alongside their synergistic prebiotic activity (Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake, Oyster mushroom and King Oyster mushroom).
    • Studies using medicinal mushrooms have shown that a combination of a range of mushrooms has a more pronounced effect on the immune system than using one mushroom in isolation because each mushroom stimulates the immune system differently, boosting defences and keeping the immune system on alert for entering pathogens (especially viruses and bacteria).
    • Active biomolecules: This organic formula provides beta-glucans, alpha-glucans, prebiotics and natural vitamins C and D to keep the immune system primed at all times.


    • ßio-Intestin is a formula that combines organic powder and concentrate of Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus), Shiitake (Lentinula edodes) and Pleurotus (Pleurotus ostreatus and Pleurotus eryngii), for their prebiotic properties that stimulate the growth and activity of probiotic bacteria, in addition to regulating intestinal transit and promoting the health of the digestive system. 
    • Shiitake’s high fibre content benefits intestinal function and transit, helping prevent gastrointestinal issues.
    • Pleurotus spp. are prebiotics that balance the gut microbiota (70% of immune cells are in the gut). 
    • Active biomolecules: Bio-Intestin's most prominent active ingredients are polysaccharides such as beta (1-3), (1-6) D-glucans and alpha-glucans. Bio-Intestin also stands out for its content of dietary fibre and other prebiotics, in addition to being a natural source of non-animal protein, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

    Cordy-Sin Sport

    Cordy-Sin Sport is  made from a combination of whole mycological powder and concentrated extracts. With 80% of this formula consisting of whole mycological powder and 20% concentrated extract of Cordyceps sinensis.

    Cordy-Sin Sport is recommended for improving physical performance and reducing muscle fatigue after exercise and periods of intense effort. Increasing energy levels by up to 40% and oxygen utilisation by 30%, cordycepin induces an increase in the synthesis and utilisation of energy in the form of ATP. As well as reducing fatigue, with stress-reducing effects and improving sports performance (reducing the need for rest), athletes will benefit from muscle toning as cordyceps increases muscle mass and improves skeletal muscle contraction whilst improving cardiac capacity, thanks to its vasodilating and hypotensive effects.

    Cordy-Sin Sport is a 100% natural organic EU product: without the addition of chemicals, all capsules are vegetable. One of the few products that also includes a highly concentrated natural source of vitamin B12, this product helps an increase in energy by up to 40%. Recommended to achieve higher lean muscle mass, improve cardiac capacity or simply reduce fatigue in professional or amateur athletes. Cordy Sin-Sport has proven to improve sports performance and results in studies with elite athletes.


    Mico-Onco Care Nutraceuticals Range is the result of many years of intensive scientific research carried out in collaboration with nationally and internationally recognized institutions and organisations. Our products contain the highest levels of active ingredients of any mushroom-based product ever produced. This is thanks to the combination of HGT Hifas Green Extraction Technology- an exclusive extraction system, which uses unique technologies and raw materials to achieve a higher concentration of active ingredients and HMT Hifas Microemulsion Tech- encapsulation, micro and nano emulsion systems to increase the bioavailability of therapeutic active compounds.

    Each formula combines different species of mushrooms that have complementary and synergistic effects in order to bring about the greatest health benefits for a specific type of cancer.

    We have Five formulations: Mico-Mama for Breast / Gynaecology , Mico-Digest for gastrointestinal/digestive cancer such as colorectal cancer, Mico-Men (for prostate), Mico-Pne (lung) and Mico-Onco for general cancer support and other types of tumours

    Micosalud range

    The Micosalud Range has maximum concentration of standardised extracts of medicinal mushrooms: more benefits in fewer capsules. Hifas da Terra extracts differ from other products due to their standardised high concentration of active ingredients. This potency makes it possible to reduce the recommended daily dose to 1-2 capsules. As an example of this concentration, to produce 1 kg of Hifas da Terra 15:1 Reishi extract we need 6 kg of mushroom powder (active ingredients) from 60 kg of fresh mushroom. These formulas are 100 % concentrated mushroom extract available as single medicinal mushroom extracts and synergistic blends.  This organic extract line has standardised concentrations of active compounds for active support of subacute complaints and chronic degenerative conditions for 14yrs and above.

    Children’s syrups

    We have created children's emulsified liquid food supplements, formulated for immature immune systems, optimal child development and to support children’s microbiota.

    Free from: animal products, gluten, preservatives, chemical products, sweeteners, flavourings, starch, wheat, corn, nuts, soy, sugar and dairy.

    • Natural formulas at safe concentrations adjusted for children
    • Easy dosing 
    • Organic ingredients (European certified)
    • Suitable for coeliacs, vegans and lactose intolerance
    • Contain prebiotics and vitamins

    Dr. Immune 5

    Five important medicinal mushrooms provide beta- and alpha-glucans, terpenes, amino acids, ergosterol, vitamins, enzymes and more; providing functional compounds which modulate and balance the development of the immune system.

    The power and synergy of these five mushroom species keep one’s immunity on alert: beta-glucans from a range of mushrooms naturally activate one’s innate immunity more efficiently than those from a single strain. This speeds up the reaction time of the immune system to identify and defend against bacteria and viruses. 

    The result is a balanced immune system where the naturally occurring immunomodulatory mushroom compounds balance the immune response both in children with overactive reactions and immunosuppressed states.

    Dr. GB

    Dr. GB stands for gut and brain. The Gut-brain axis is modulated by the bioactive molecules in Reishi and Lion’s mane with erinacines, hericenones, ganoderic acids and terpenes found in these species which contribute to the proper functioning of the central nervous system and microbiota balance.

    With an affinity for the central nervous system these compounds promote neurocognitive development, neuronal plasticity, nerve cell development and improve relaxation of the nervous system.

    Not forgetting their positive effect on digestive health becuase fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and mushroom prebiotics strengthen gut-mediated immune defences and promote the development and renewal of colonocytes to improve digestive health with a knock on effect for the immune system, while also facilitating the absorption of calcium and magnesium. Vitamins A and C in this formula support psychological health as well as the maintenance of mucous membranes in the digestive system.


    Superfoods are foods with superpowers traditionally sought after around the world. From our Hifas da Terra cultivation areas, under the canopy of our chestnut tree forests, we hand-pick the mushrooms and sun dry them at temperatures always lower than 40 ºC (104 ºF), in order to maintain optimum nutritional value and keep vitamins, proteins and enzymes intact. By adding our mushroom powders to food and beverages in the below formulas, they become a valuable raw superfood, giving you all the valuable nutrients.

    Hericium Digest:

    Hericium Digest Powder Superfood is made with Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus), a powerful mushroom rich in fibre and bioactive substances recommended to maintain a healthy gut.

    Cordyceps Vital Superfood Powder:

    Cordyceps Vital Superfood is made with Cordyceps (Cordyceps sinensis) for increased energy and vitality.

    Reishi AntiOx Superfood Powder:

    A 100% organic mushroom superfood powder made with Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), one of the most antioxidant natural substances available, also a rich source of beta-glucans, vitamins and minerals.

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