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    Vitamins and Supplements to Help Boost Your Energy Levels This Winter

    It’s certainly something we’re all feeling at the moment. With longer days and the fact that November will mainly be spent indoors, it’s natural that we’d be feeling a bit low and a lot more tired than usual. So what can be done about it? Sometimes, it can be down to things like stress and anxiety making us tired (and there’s no secret that we’re all experiencing a great deal of that at the moment), but other factors can include your diet and nutrition. If there are certain vitamins and minerals missing from your diet, fatigue can be an indicator. That’s why we’ve put together our guide on vitamins and supplements that may help to give your energy levels a much needed boost this winter.


    Iron enables our red blood cells to carry oxygen to the various tissues and organs in the body. Without it, the red blood cells are unable to carry oxygen effectively, and this can result in iron deficiency anaemia, which causes us to feel weak and fatigued. Those with a poor iron diet can be affected by the condition - such as vegans (both meat and seafood are incredibly rich sources) - as can women who are pregnant or who experience heavy periods. In these cases, iron supplements can be beneficial when it comes to avoiding the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia. It’s important to note that if you think you may be iron deficient, you should consult with your GP - this is because excessive intake of it can have certain health risks, so it’s important to make sure they’re the right option for you.


    Maca is a plant that originates from Peru, and traditionally was used to enhance sex drive and fertility. However, it has increased in popularity over the years with a number of other benefits such as improved mood and relieving the symptoms of menopause in women. But how can it help us when it comes to giving us a boost this winter? Well, some claim that maca can boost energy, and improve performance during exercise, which is why it’s a popular supplement among athletes and bodybuilders. Maca is also rich in vitamin B6 and vitamin C, both of which contribute towards our energy metabolism and reducing fatigue, so it could certainly be worth considering if you’re looking to give yourself a bit of a pick-me-up.

    Vitamin B12

    All B vitamins play a key part in the role of energy production by helping to transform the food we eat into energy. However, there isn’t actually any scientific evidence out there to say that B12 supplements will give you a boost if you’re already sufficient in it. Despite this, in those who don’t have enough B12 in their diets, it’s highly likely that increasing your intake - whether in the form of supplements or foods which are a good source - will make a difference to your energy levels, especially if given that one of the most common symptoms of a B12 deficiency can be tiredness.


    Of all the nutrients we’ve mentioned in this article, 5-HTP is probably one you haven’t heard of. An amino acid produced naturally in the body, 5-HTP is used to produce serotonin aka. “The happy hormone.” We all know that a good mood can work wonders for how we feel physically, so if you’re struggling with low mood during the winter, increasing your serotonin levels through 5-HTP may be worth looking into. Additionally, when it comes to energy levels, serotonin can be converted into melatonin, which is a hormone that regulates our sleep. For those who struggle with sleep, increasing your serotonin levels may also have a positive effect on your energy too.


    An ancient medicinal herb, ashwagandha has been used for thousands of years, mainly to reduce stress. It’s thought to improve our body’s resilience to physical and mental stressors, thus improving our energy levels. Research has indicated that it may reduce the amount of cortisol in the body (the stress hormone), and could even help to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, all of which can impact our energy levels.


    We hope we’ve given you some insight into how you can give your energy levels a boost this winter and why not grab yourself a 10% discount as well - use code "WINTER".
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