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    Wedderspoon Brand Spotlight

    Wedderspoon is the number 1 Manuka Honey company in the USA and thanks to Approved Vitamins you can now buy in the UK. What makes Wedderspoon so special is their traceability & testing of their Genuinely certified New Zealand Manuka Honey, backed by New Zealand Government certification (Manuka Scientific Definition Test – Monofloral & Multifloral). Not to mention that it tastes amazing as well!

    Their passion for holistic health is rooted in the rolling hills of New Zealand, where every flavourful drop of Wedderspoon Manuka honey is born. Set against a backdrop of awe-inspiring mountain ranges and the crystal waters of Lake Wakatipu, cheerful stacks of rainbow-hued hives are home to a living heritage of brilliant bees. Their Manuka Honey is RAW, which means they don’t heat it in the harvesting & processing activities, so their Manuka retains all of the enzyme goodness, just as nature intended!

    Proud stewards of New Zealand’s 150-year apiary tradition, their master beekeepers champion a sustainable, bee-first ecology & gentle harvest, allowing our precious pollinators to work as Mother Nature intended. The legacy of our mission lives on today in products that celebrate Manuka honey in its most perfect, least processed state: a rare gift, brimming with nourishment. 

    Their commitment to comprehensive manuka honey integrity & testing is rooted in the foundation on which they started their company - our goal is and has always been to bring the gift of Manuka honey to friends, families, and neighbours. This spirit of sharing is carried through in their core values as a company--what secrets Mother Nature allows us to receive, we share with our customers.

    Wedderspoon supports Bee Keeping farming & environmental organisations including The Bee Cause Foundation, Mind, Body & Green, Rodale Institute, Non-GMO Project, Whole Kids Foundation.

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